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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Pills - $275
This includes placenta capsules, and baby’s cord keepsake using one of the following methods: (scroll down for more info on methods)

Un-Steamed Method
Placenta is dehydrated raw, ground into a powder then encapsulated using vegetarian capsules.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Method
Placenta is steamed with fresh lemon and ginger (optional), dehydrated and ground into a powder, then encapsulated using vegetarian capsules. Includes broth from the steaming upon request.

Combination Method
For those who would like both methods, placenta is halved and processed accordingly (add $50)

Placenta Wellness Tincture - $30 with pills
( ready after 6 weeks and will last decades!)

The tincture is great for smoothing out those monthly hormone surges that come before and during your cycle, when returning to work after maternity leave, during weaning, or any other time that requires some emotional regulation. Ingredients include your placenta and high grade alcohol and is ready in a minimum of 6 weeks. Comes with a straining kit and tincture bottle for you strain at your convenience.

Cool Mama Arnica Rub 4oz - $32 with pills

This healing rub can be used to relieve sore muscles, heal bruising, ease residual rib/belly pain, pinched nerve pain and more! Cool Mama Arnica Rub is prepared with all organic ingredients (with or without your placenta) including the following: Olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, arnica flower, calendula flower, chamomile flower, teatree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil. Customized rubs are available.

Mama Plus Baby Salve 4oz - $25 with pills

This skin care product is great for the whole family. It can be used on diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap and more. Mama Plus Baby Salve can be made with or without your placenta and prepared with the following organic Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, calendula flower, chamomile flower, Customized salves are available.

Tree of Life Prints - $25

Placenta Art is a lasting keepsake depicting the mother and child connection that you can treasure for years to come. I use natural vegetable food coloring to enhance the details of your placenta and make a print on watercolor paper. The food coloring is thoroughly washed before processing.

Placenta Encapsulation Methods

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The Traditional Chinese Medicine method of placenta encapsulation is one of the oldest-known and most commonly used recipes. It is based on and inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and the specific needs of women in the postpartum period.

According to Chinese Medicine, labor and birth create a yin or cold condition in a woman’s body, since birth leaves lots of open, empty space in the womb prior to uterus involution (the process of the uterus returning to its non-pregnant state) and because the body often losses a lot of blood in the life-giving process. According to TCM theory, childbirth depletes the wei chi, which is the body’s protective immune capacity. Heat in the postpartum is a vital component to restoring the wei chi.

In light of this, the TCM method of placenta encapsulation seeks to warm, nourish and tone the body tissues (adding yang energy or heat), to augment the nutrients and hormones the placenta already provides and further support postpartum wellness.

In the TCM method of placenta encapsulation, once the placenta is cleaned, it is steamed (i.e. warmed) gently on both sides before it is dehydrated. During the steaming step, the water used to steam is enhanced with the use of warming herbs. I use lemon and ginger because they are both warming and aid in distributing the healing properties of the placenta throughout the body. The placenta pills produced via the TCM method provide a steady release of energy in the postpartum, which helps mama to balance and stabilize. This method usually produces fewer pills and may require that mom take more pills for a longer period of time. (Please note that I am not a TCM practitioner. This encapsulation process is inspired by TCM methods.)

The Raw Method

During the raw method of placenta encapsulation the placenta is not steamed at all. It is cleaned, sliced and dehydrated. There are no herbs added to this preparation.

The Raw Method is often preferred by proponents of a Raw Diet, based on the idea that heat destroys vital nutrients in food. Proponents of the Raw Method suggest that this method of placenta encapsulation yields a more potent medicine with more hormones and nutrients, compared to the TCM method of placenta encapsulation. Those using this option report a greater burst of energy upfront and great hormone stabilization. This method typically provides mamas with a greater amount of pills and she may require fewer pills each day.

Pregnancy Art Portriats

Commissioned pregnancy portrait services are also available on canvas using acrylic and/or oil paint. I will work with you to transform your pregnancy picture into an original painting to capture the memory of your pregnancy. Please contact me directly to discuss commissioning a piece for your home.